New generation transport system

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Briefly about the system

Paying the fare

We’ve created for you a special transport card linked to the phone number. You can always use it to pay for travel. Your balance is on your account. You can refill it directly from your credit card, track the balance, use a mobile application or call instead of using this card. Cash is also not canceled, but you are unlikely to use it.

Smart transport

You can build routes in the application, as well as track the movement of a particular bus, trolley or tram. Now you don’t need to wait, you know exactly when the bus appears at the bus stop, and the driver knows that you are ready to get on.

Polite drivers

Now driver knows more about passengers and routes. He sees his schedule and can adjust his speed depending on the circumstances. Driver also sees an assessment of his driving style both by the system and by passengers. We help to make transportation safer and more comfortable!

Efficient management of the bus depot

The head sees the whole picture and every bus in particular. It is possible to track inefficient conductors and «problem» drivers. We help to save time and money!

How it works

User passes his
unique identifier to
the system

Payment is processing on the server, money is debited from user’s account

User receives a one-time
password to confirm
the payment


Information and service system