How it works

Automated system «Vezde» allows you to pay for travel on any kind of urban and suburban public transport both in cash and non-cash payment instruments.

System Features

A distinctive feature of the system is the implementation of all the logic of work
on the central server:

The flexibility of the tariff policy and the simplicity of its change increase
Reduces the cost of payment means, increases the security of the means of the passenger — the transport card is used as an identifier, and not as a full-fledged purse. The balance and payment methods are stored on the central server
Reduces the cost of validators (payment devices) and other on-board equipment — all the logic of charging and settlement is realized by the central server. In the event of a communication failure, a special on-board computer is provided.
Analytical data is collected much easier. It becomes possible to create advanced analytical studies.
Comfortable information services for travel planning, payment, information, etc.

Advantages for users

Easy and convenient payment options

Support in case of lack of funds

Simplicity of balance replenishment and control

Information during the trip

Information comes from smartphone applications, as well as via a bus alert system,
It is associated with the payment system and gives the opportunity to notify about the upcoming stops automatically.

Payment features

Passengers will be able to pay the fare in several different ways. In spite of this, all payment data and passenger flows will be consolidated into a single reporting and data analysis system:

The main method of payment is non-cash payments from a mobile phone or transport card:

When paying by phone, each passenger makes a call to the phone number associated with the transport. Then he receives an electronic confirmation of payment.
When paying by a transport card (which is only an identifier and doesn’t store information about a passenger’s creditworthiness), the passenger presents it to the validator installed in the vehicle’s cabin.
There is a way of payment using a special smartphone application. Payment can be accepted automatically at the beginning of the trip, if the passenger previously requested information about the route and used it.
There is also a payment in cash through the driver or the supervisor-conductor. To do this, there is a special application that allows the driver to take payment without payment of time at a stop and issue a special paper card (for one or several trips, depending on the passenger’s desire and the amount paid by him). The change is automatically credited to a special anonymous account. It can be used to pay the following trips.
The system generates a payment history, which is available to passengers, inspectors and other authorized persons.

Advantages for carriers

Reliable payment information

Analytics and reporting

Simplicity and low value

The ability to report to management structures

Analytical reports

Data from all types of payment is reduced to a single report, available for carriers
This data is transferred to the authorities by the carrier himself
Analytical reports contain information on non-standard payment situations and give suggestions for their elimination.
In accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation the payment system operates under a certified payment or banking system, the choice of which is consistent with the city authorities.
Analytical reporting includes the identification of deviations from standard situations, which are associated with various violations of the payment scheme, leading to a reduction in revenue, a reduction in the taxable base, errors in the calculation of subsidies.

Advantages for authorities

Reliable transportation data

Easy to control the law compliance

Control of transport work quality and volumes