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Officials tested the smart payment system in St. Petersburg.


Vice-governor Igor Albin and several high-ranking officials of federal ministries today recalled what a crush on the bus. On Vasilievsky Island, however, they did not go by the usual route. Together with journalists they were taken to show the work of the third-generation fare payment system.

Developed at the University ITMO system allows you to use not only become accustomed to special reusable and bank cards. You can calculate for the journey with the help of SMS, a special mobile application, or via a phone call.

In addition, simple one-time tickets will also be subject to electronic accounting, which prevents them from spending scams with conductors. In addition, the software is able to monitor the technical condition of the bus, the driver’s well-being and even the quality of the roads through which the car moves.

A key feature of the new system is the storage of data on a remote server, rather than on devices located in the public transport itself. This makes it possible to further expand the number of payment methods. In addition, the equipment, the main part of which are ordinary tablets and smartphones, makes it possible to make it cheaper than specialized devices. In the pilot mode, the new complex will be installed while on one bus route.

Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 11.41.36
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